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Corporate & Neuro Massage therapy in the workplace and its benefits


There are pleasant and unpleasant consequences to all kinds of activities that businesses take part in, all in the name of positively  enhancing the well-being of staff. Not all activities fit all employees however, and so it pays to have a program of ideas for sampling by your staff team.


There are two activities that on their presentation to a workplace, from the factory floor to the board room is proving a hit – corporate & Neuro massage therapy, corporate massage known as office massage or workplace massage. Onsite Plus corporate massage is just one example of many office based massage companies that can testify to the power and impact of introducing this therapy to the workforce. Confusion and misconception over what corporate massage is (and is not), extensively exists and thus, people shy away formulating conclusions on false information. By doing so, companies are missing out on a great power tool for promoting and maintaining staff well-being.

Corporate massage differs from the therapeutic massages opted for at spa days. Like all things, the desired outcome of a session informs how the massage is given.


Spa massages involve de-robing, and the use of essential oils to promote relaxation through both the power of touch and smell. The touch of the massage is light, but still delightfully therapeutic and relaxing. Corporate massage does not involve employees taking clothes off, or soft music, candles and oils. Chair-based massage, the type many businesses opt for, is a massage given over the top of clothes with the recipient sitting face forward in a specially adapted chair, normally provided by the massage company.


The massage lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, and focuses on specific areas of the body that tend to be under strain from working in an office environment. The back, shoulders, arms and hands for example, can be under all kinds of strain, not necessarily from lifting a heavy weight but from more repetitive style tasks that need to be completed daily.

With that said, innovative science based approaches are being used to enhance massage therapy,such as Neuro Massage, developed by The Center’s Director, neuroscientist Langdon Roberts, MA, is a unique therapeutic system that combines bodywork and biofeedback. This technology ­enhanced massage technique improves health by making intentional changes in the relationships between the brain, nerves, organs, and muscles. With the use of surface electrodes that detect muscle tension combined with a sensitive touch. Neuro Massage facilitates deep relaxation. It enhances the effectiveness of structural bodywork because the body accepts the deep massage work with minimal resistance. In addition, neuro massage helps to reduce chronic pain and tension, sensitization, and reactivity to stress. The client and therapist work together to create an individualized plan to access and maintain states of relaxation and comfort in daily life.

Neuro Massage can be used to support a wide range of conditions, from mood and anxiety­ related disorders, muscle tension, chronic pain, autism, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, and trauma. To get the best from the many neuro massage benefits available, an expert in the field of neuro-massage will use their knowledge of neuroscience plus therapeutic massage to help relax the nervous system, focusing on the parts of the body responsible for how we touch and feel pain. At the same time, your therapist will work on the muscles to help restore and maintain functional ability and minimize physical problems. As with all massages, the process will also aid circulation and relaxation.


It is vital that your neuromassage is carried out by an experienced therapist who is used to working with neurological conditions and illnesses. Once they have a good understanding of the areas of your body requiring attention, they will develop a personal plan of treatment. ("What Is Neuro Massage And Its Benefits -'', 2021)


This all sounds charming, ideal, almost good to be true that your staff team can be massaged back into the energized team you want and need them to be. Massage after all, is connected with people falling asleep or feeling so relaxed that they spend the rest of the day unproductive which can cause a great loss of money for the company. This is not the idea behind corporate or neuro massage. In effect, both massages are about the mind, just as much as it is about relaxing tense muscles in your employees.

Physical Therapist

In yesteryears we learn how massage and the power of touch has always existed. As a healing therapy, the power of touch  is believed to have been used in India in around 3,000 BC, if not before. Middle Eastern cultures as well as across Asia also used the power that deep, therapeutic massage could bring. A common denominator in some cultures and peoples across the millennia, massage is part of their healing and health systems.


It still has the potential to be that today – and now that you know the difference between office based & neuro massage and a day at the spa, benefits of the two types of massage therapy to your staff teams, and your business.


  • alleviating back and shoulder pain

  • reducing blood pressure

  • relaxing the nervous system

  • relieving stress and tension

  • improving range of motion and circulation

  • strengthening the immune system

  • Invigorate and relax staff


Many of the above benefits have been shown to improve alertness and concentration, stress management and staff overall physical and mental wellbeing, as well as directly dealing with aches and pains caused by office working conditions. Taking care of your desk-bound staff in this way shows you care for their wellness and has been shown to drastically reduce absenteeism and staff turnover. The immediate effects also will give your employees a fabulous boost in motivation and improve overall office morale.

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Rethabile Tsephe - Africa Country Lead 


She is a mental health consultant who encourages the use of expressive writing, emotional intelligence as key competencies as a human resource tool to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people. She has collaborated with a massage therapist and sports coach to introduce innovative interventions. She has a Diploma in Adult basic education and training from the University of South Africa and various complementary qualifications. She is currently pursuing a diploma in sociology to enhance her comprehension of “human behavior” in support of her research work.


Rethabile is one of the researchers at the Global Foundation of cyber studies and research. Her tenacity and willingness to learn will provide an opportunity for her to be among great thought leaders and influence communication & decision making.

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