Meditation is basically a simple process of conscious relaxation. It is a combination of processes and postures, which involves human brain to achieve state of pleasure and tranquility.

Numerous health specialists revealed that patients of stress and anxiety do not need drugs for curing purposes. They can easily overcome such problems by bringing into play any of the best suitable meditation technique. The meditation has been proven as successful cure from years to reduce depression and anxiety. It is also the best solution to prevent you from panic attacks.

Meditation is nothing but an enjoyment of flow of positive energy in your body. So, you can do meditation by just feeling relaxed by lying on floor. All you need is that your back should be in comfortable mode. Conventional styles of meditation like prayers are the most excellent ways to bring your brain in an ideally relaxed state.


Chakras are the seven points of spiritual energy within us. Each chakra is associated with different qualities of spiritual and mental health. Chakra meditation involves focusing the mind to enhance each of these qualities and allow us to live better, healthier lives.

Below are the 7 chakras, their locations, and the qualities they promote.

1. Root Chakra: To find this chakra, sit in the lotus or Indian position.
•  The root chakra is at your tailbone.
•  Sitting in this position, you can feel your ‘roots’.
•  By meditating on your root chakra, you increase your feeling of being grounded and stable.
•  It is associated with the bare necessities in life, such as food and shelter.
•  Many also think of the root chakra as where our financial stability or money confidence is harnessed.
•  The feeling of being rooted allows us to relax and remember that the ground is always underneath us.
•  No matter what happens in life we can come back to find our rooting.

2. Sacral Chakra: The sacral is located two inches below the navel and two inches inward.
•  It is the chakra of graciousness, pleasure, and selflessness.
•  Sacral meditation can lead people to feel more charitable.
•  It creates better connection with those around them.
•  It decreases feelings of loneliness and depression.
•  Sacral chakra awareness enhances intuition and insight.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: This chakra is located in our stomach or upper abdomen.
•  It is defined by confidence and control.
•  Most people are aware of the feeling of a disengaged solar plexus chakra.
•  If you have ever had butterflies in your stomach, your solar plexus chakra was feeling weak.
•  Often, when someone is nervous they put their hands on their stomach.
•  The touch stimulates this area.
•  It is a very mild form of chakra meditation.
•  Confidence can be built by regularly meditating on this chakra.

4. Heart Chakra: It is located in the center of the chest.
•  Meditating on it opens our ability to love others and ourselves.
•  The heart chakra allows us to feel joy and inner peace.
•  There are many physical benefits to heart chakra meditation.
•  It lowers our cholesterol, blood pressure, and regulates the heart beat

5. Throat Chakra: The throat chakra is located at the throat, but it controls hearing as well.
•  It is the chakra of communication and balance.
•  Throat chakra meditation promotes self-expression and our ability to listen.
•  It can be a great motivator in the release of built up negative thoughts.
•  People with healthy throat chakras feel comfortable relating weaknesses and fears.
•  Creativity is enhanced.
•  And the need to hear others increased.

6. Third Eye Chakra: This is the chakra between the eyes that is often known as the ‘brow chakra’.
•  Third eye chakra meditation helps focus and creates a ‘big picture’ mentality.
•  People who meditate on this area are relieved from feeling overwhelmed by uncontrollable life events.
•  The third eye is the center of wisdom and intuition.
•  Just as the root chakra reminds us that there is a ground beneath us the third eye reminds us that the world around us is vast.

7. Crown Chakra: The highest chakra sits atop of the head.
•  It keeps the body spiritually connected.
•  It is often pictured as the top of a large oval.
•  The bottom of which is the root chakra.
•  It is a major gateway for prana, or energy, to enter the body.
•  Crown chakra meditation opens our minds to inner and outer beauty.
•  Pure bliss is often felt through crown chakra stimulation.
•  The person meditating can feel a strong connection to their divine self or higher power.


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