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Positive Psychology helps people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives.”

"I was depressed since losing my job to convid19 in February 2020.  I was directionless but being the breadwinner, I know I need to embrace change. Going through the 7 days resilience programme in finding my inner strength was the best investment I ever made.  With help from Dr Christina, not only did I managed to understand my inner strength but I also managed to use the practice in landing a job! I am truly grateful and will continue to do my daily practice. "

35years old, Male, Singaporean

" I was a victim of workplace politics and bullying for nearly 5 years. None of the career coaches or psychiatrists I seen had helped improve my situation. It got worse with the movement restriction and I could barely have a good night sleep for nearly one month till a friend of mine introduced this link to me in late April. I began to find my purpose in life and was able to use emotional practice to stay positive and learn how to cope and dis-engaged negativity. I am really thankful to Dr Christina for her work and in helping me to find my inner strength. "


38years old, Female, Singaporean  

" Dear Dr Christina, thank you for your kindness in engaging with us the frontlines to learn how to stay resilient. The emotional practice really helps us to achieve both physical and mental wellbeing. It helps us to stay calm and positive during this pandemic fight. Using your tools, allows us to know ourselves better and strengthen our skills."

28years old, Female, working in Singapore

" To me, Christina is perhaps one of the best business strategists, mentors and coaches i met. She knows how to navigate around business and helped me to turnaround my failing business 5 years ago. With privilege, we are now engaging her services (again) to help my team and I to steward through post pandemic! "

42years old, Male, Singapore PR


"Wonderful practice, keeping me sane during the pandemic lockdown. Greatly appreciated Christina"


United Kingdom




"Thanks for the offering, such much knowledge i have acquired from the book and website"



"Christina was my career coach during the 2008 Asian Financial Crisis. I am thrilled to have her around this time to facilitate resilience training for my team. A Resilient team = productivity levels up"

47years old, Male




"Listen to science, practice good wellbeing to save lives."





"We truly appreciate this knowledge sharing. It is simple yet so powerful"



"A programme which makes life more meaningful. Thank you Dr Liang"

Embarking on a new journey --- Trainer programme

28 years old, Female



"Positive mental wellbeing is the way to move forward in this climate....Having lost a loved one to the pandemic, I thank you for being there to support me throughout my darkest moment. Thank you for being there Christina"




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