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The New Kid On Block: Business-Cyber Psychologist is what you need next for your business


Why are blue-chip firms and billionaires quietly hiring experience business-cyber psychologist to improve their business wealth and health? What is business - cyber psychology? What are some of the ways business - cyberpsychology works?


Have you ever wonder why your team is not meeting its business goal? And why your employee retention rate is so low? Why are you not hiring the right talent? Why are you having sleep deprivation and having constant anxiety or fear? Or why are you not able to land yourself with a dream job?


Perhaps its time for you to engage a business-cyber psychologist.

Using Science to thrive?


Leadership is no walk in a park. Leading can be complexed and it is a hard work. It can also be stressful and lonely. Leaders are exposed to risk all the time and juggling competing demands. Communications and Connecting with the People you are leading is often a challenge especially in this digitally connected era.


Look how covid19 has changed the way we live, work and communicate?


“Business psychology is an applied science that investigates on the science of human behaviour with experience of the world of work to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organisations. Cyberpsychology is a science that deals with the role of human beings and their brains in relation to everyday technology.”


We live in a world where there are often many different opinions on what should be done to create the perfect business environment. There are many different schools of thought on this topic, but one thing all these schools of thought have in common is that they think that psychology plays a vital role in improving our business practices, and creating the perfect environment for customers and employees alike.


With leaders and executives who are constantly striving to make strategic moves in their companies face the need to be decisive and proactive. With so many demands and as businesses are forced to rethink how they operate, the most competitive businesses are turning to business-cyber psychologists, who can provide guidance and make sound decisions based on logical reasoning and consideration of all of the various facts. They are doing this to ensure they have the right team, right focus, and a strong foundation to navigate the path forward. In business, you cannot neglect the importance of human interaction and experience.

How does a Business-Cyber psychologist work?


When companies hire a business-cyber psychologist, they are hiring someone who understands the people they are about to hire, can recognize personality differences that may lead to clashes, and understands how an individual's underlying psychological disorders can affect their behavior, their decisions, and their abilities.


Business-cyber psychologists are skilled in understanding the individual and the intersecting system. They understand business, human and technology dynamics, and have a system-level perspective on how things operate. They are bought in as people experts and dive deep to identify how internal factors pose obstacles to business success. An experienced business-cyber psychologist also has the ability to contribute as an industry expert to help a leader or a business thrive.


A seasoned business-cyber psychologist builds on insights from psychology, neuroscience, technology, business but importantly, from their years of experiential knowledge to driving workplace effectiveness, wellbeing and aligning goals at the individual, team, and organization levels. They are able to help breakdown silos; clarify and rectify internal or external factors blocking the realisation of a desired outcome; ability to assess, identify breakdowns, gaps and flags what is needed to change and how to change; increase goal alignments by understanding factors that may be interfering with the alignment; support talent management; manage change; improve workplace culture and wellbeing; boost innovation and strategies; improve decision making process and the ability to identify opportunities, build awareness of options, impact, consequences to help leaders better navigate the business.

Some seasoned business-cyber psychologist act as strategic advisers to leaders and board member.

On an individual’s level, many professionals, elites, celebrities and royals hired them as their Personal Publicist to help align their personal goals, reputation management and wellbeing. Some talents hired business-cyber psychologist to re-position their professional offerings, ability to promote and showcase their talent to desired prospects and be better prepared for interviews or new promotion.


Close to half of CEOs report experiencing loneliness. Among those who do, 61% say it impacts their performance (Source: Harvard Business Review ).


Stress and anxiety levels are higher than they should be? "Just three in five newly appointed CEOs live up to performance expectations in their first 18 months on the job. The high standards and broad expectations of directors, shareholders, customers, and employees create an environment of relentless scrutiny in which one move can dramatically make or derail an accomplished career." (Source: McKinsey & Company)

Mental health issues negatively impacting your productivity and revenues? Between 2011 and 2030, mental health problems could cost nations a total of $16.3 trillion in lost economic output. The drain of mental health issues on the economy comes from many sources. These sources include absenteeism and lost productivity being the two most significant factors. (Source: World Economic Forum with the Harvard School of Public Health).

Understand how business is shaped by people, behaviors, and emotions? "The language of psychology helps to address the fact that behind every cut-and-dried statistic … lies an ever-shifting horde of homeowners, bankers, business owners, unwitting investors—in short, people." (Source: The Wharton School)

What else can a business-cyber psychologist contribute to an organisation?

Business-cyber psychologists bring fields of expertise together—business, technology and psychology. As a result, they are uniquely well-positioned to understand how one's investments and business decisions are impacted by emotional factors. They can also help with your four intelligence quotients -  improve EQ (Emotional Quotient), increase IQ (Intelligence Quotient) smart, enhance SQ (Social Quotient) and raise AQ (Adversity Quotient).

Another great factor in hiring a business-cyber psychologist is to improve strategic thinking and, likely to be a resource for brainstorming new ideas for the marketing effectiveness of your company. Business-Cyberpsychology can help you to understand and navigate the changing landscape. Understand the customers you’re trying to reach, and the types of product and content that will get their attention.


Although most business – cyber psychologists don't necessarily offer business advice but they can help leaders build awareness about the factors driving their decision making processes. They can also help leaders explore the potential consequences of their decisions.

Who are some of your clients?

The majority of my clients are leaders and executives; some are from reputable blue chip, mid to large size organisation and with a handful of founders. Since the pandemic started, more organisations and individuals appreciate the services, and with many seeking my services privately to improve their skills and ability to cope better. Believe it or not, I also have clients from Asia’s royal family and high profile elites.


How to hire a Business-Cyber psychologist?

You can hire them as an inhouse adviser or as an external adviser

They can work along with your coaches, human resource or wellbeing division

Board members hired business-cyber psychologist to assist their C-level executives to navigate daily business impact; while private individuals hire my services to cope and improve their skill especially in building up the four intelligences.


The credential is important, however, experiences play a pivotal role in engaging one. The best way to hire one is through referral. Above all decisions, you must feel a resonance with the individual and sense that there is a strong potential to build a trusting relationship over time

About dR Christina Liang-Boguszewicz

DR Christina is a seasoned business cyber psychologist, a business transformation leader, a trusted C level adviser, and one of the pioneers in Asia to combine Science and Technology in transforming organizations into a Profitable, Resilient, and SMART Corporation. She is known for her UAIME techniques and she champions in aligning Organisation Growth with Human Capital and has delivered projects globally. Her notable clients range from luxury, financial, technology, real estate, consumer, FMCG, wellness, and retail. On individual’s ground, she works with C level executives, professionals, elites and royalties. She was also the first in Singapore and in Asia to debut celebrity coaching program in 2008


Dr Christina is also the founder of The ThirdSpace by dR CLB, a Cyberspace Mental Wellbeing program,  the author of "Fostering The Wisdom of Resilience" and co-written a white paper titled "The Fourth Industrial Revolution & CyberSpace Mental Health Stigma".  She is also a certified aromatherapist in clinical practice. A strong believer in holistic therapeutic treatment and in giving back to society, Dr Christina also founded "TWEL", and started the “Pay Forward” program.


Dr Christina holds a Doctorate of Business Administration in Management, is a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner, Charter Member of ICOR, and Association of British Business Psychology. Member of Stanford Philosophy, International Society for Performance Management, Social Psychology Network and NAHA. She receives education from The Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University and Wesleyan University.

Dr Christina is also the Chief of Corporate Affairs, Group Chair of Cyber Psychology & Cyber Space Mental Wellness (CyPSYCH) Special Interest Group and a Policy Expert , at the Global Foundation of Cyber Security Studies & Research Think Tank Washington DC (GFCYber) She is also the creator “Regenerative Sustainability for Mental & Wellbeing” a circularity model which is known as the next wave of sustainable wellbeing.

Mother and Son

Susan Hewitt is a freelance writer and an advocate for positive emotion and diversity. Married with 3 children, she recently retired from the corporate world to focus on health and family. She is passionate about helping people to stay mental positive. 

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