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Dr Christina Liang Boguszewicz 

When Science X Business X Technology 


“Using science, technology and business experiential knowledge in developing techniques to improve lives. An advocate for equal opportunities, sustainable education, women’s empowerment and making the world a better place.”

Dr Christina is a  seasoned corporate P&L driven and certified IASE-ISB business transformation with over 20 years of corporate diplomacy and leadership experience. A trusted C-level adviser, and one of the pioneers in Singapore and Asia to combine Science and Technology in transforming organizations into a Profitable, Resilient, and SMART Corporation. She is known for UAIME techniques and she champions in aligning Organisation Growth with Human Capital x Science x Technology, and has delivered projects globally. Her notable clients range from royalty, UHNWI, wall-street executives to global corporate in luxury, financial, technology, real estate, consumer, FMCG, wellness, and retail.

Dr Christina is the Founder, Partner and Group Managing Director of BI Group, an advisory, research and strategy consulting firm specialising in Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Business Turnaround and ESG-Sustainability . She is also the founder of BIXCAP where she help clients on merger & acquisitions and capital raise. 

Following the footstep of her late uncle, Count Jozef Kazimierz Krasicki, Consul of Poland, and to support her social advocacy, she founded dRCLB Lab  a knowledge hub dedicated to improving mental, physical and emotional and started a "Pay Foward" program. She also volunteer her time as a Policy Expert, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and Group Chair of Cyber Psychology & Cyber Space Mental Wellness (CyPSYCH) Special Interest Group, at the Global Foundation of Cyber Security Studies & Research Think Tank Washington DC (GFCYber)


An advocate in Cyberspace Mental Wellbeing, She works with researchers across multi-disciplines in the field of psychology, neuroscience and technology and has developed strategic policy papers on harnessing the science and technology for humanity. She is also the pioneer in Singapore and Asia to develop a Cyberspace Mental Health WellBeing Boot Camp  and is also the creator of “Regenerative Sustainability for Mental & Wellbeing” a circularity model which is known as the next wave of sustainable wellbeing.

Dr Christina is the author of "Fostering The Wisdom of Resilience" and co-written white papers titled "The Fourth Industrial Revolution & CyberSpace Mental Health Stigma". and 4IR : CyberSpace Mental Health; Harnessing Science & Technology for Humanity’  

Due to the nature of her job, Dr Christina is no stranger to press, media, celebrities, government, royalty, business groups, and the elite circles in Asia. Her "Celebrity Coaching' program has helped many high flyers, business owners to get back on their feet during the 2008 Asian Financial crisis. She was also the first PR specialist in Singapore and Asia to launch the Solar Energy program at UWCSEA in Singapore – a joint program between UWCSEA and Solid Asia (financed by Austrian banks RLB-Stmk & Oesterreichische Kontrollbank ) in 2011. ​


Dr Christina follows the work of Dr Richard Davidson (mindfulness and mediation ), Dr Philip Zimbardo (individual behavior, Persuasion), Dr Daniel Gilbert (Cognitive biases), Dr Howard Gardner (Multiple intelligences), Dr Martin Seligman (positive psychology and wellbeing), Dr Greg Oldham (Job Characteristics Theory) Dr Deepak Chopard, and a believer in his holiness the great Dalai Lama teaching of being mindfulness, selfless and compassionate.

A certified IASE-ISB advisor, Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner, author, business psychologist and a policy expert. Members of advisory board, speaker and mentor business owners, girls, and women. DR Christina is also an active member of UN Global Compact, Stanford Philosophy, International Society for Performance Management, Social Psychology Network, Association of British Business Psychology and NAHA. She have received education from The Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Wesleyan University and United Nations Training and Research.


While not at work or conducting research,  Christina enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family and loved ones. 


  • Executed over 200 advisory and consulting projects

  • ​Successfully raised a combination of >USD1billion capital for clients

  • 5 Business Ventures

  • Led and Mentored Start-Ups

  • Lead coach and mentor for HSBC-Millet Upstart founder program.

  • Formulated UAIME technique for business excellence and psychological wellbeing

  • Singapore’s first coach to formulate crisis management, career & personal transition coaching program called “celebrity coaching’ program during the 2008 Asian Financial Crisis

  • Her book "Fostering the Wisdom of Resilience" has helped over thousands of people across the globe



  • UAIME Techniques – proven methodology since 2015

  • Circularity model for wellbeing – “Regenerative Sustainability for Mental & Wellbeing”

SERVICES : Advisory, Consulting, Operations Management, Interim Management


Corporate Diplomacy, Corporate Affairs, Conflict resolution, Marketing, Public Relations, Reputation & Risk Management,

Integrated Strategic Transformation, P&L Management, Performance Transformation, Revenue Growth & Operations Management, Business Development, Business Turnaround, Interim Management, ,  Sustainability & ESG Strategy, Talent Management, Resilience and Psychological Wellbeing Program, Mental Wellness in CyberSpace and Clinical Aromatherapy

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