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dR CLB lab is a knowledge hub dedicated to improving the mental, physical and emotion wellbeing of people through education, empowerment, and community-based support. We bring to you experts, scientists, educators, and psychologists from around the world to provide scientific research-based solutions to improving you and your loved one’s overall wellbeing.


To foster Social, Physical, Emotion and Mental resilience necessary to thrive in digitalized era  

Harnessing science and technology for humanity to forge a healthier and happier future


Destigmatize mental health by promoting holistic science based approaches integrating with technology to improve overall well being


A platform that caters to individual's  mental requisites by congregating mental health experts, psychologists, public health practitioners, and  policymakers under one big umbrella to "build a better self together"

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Our Philosophy


Knowledge transfer, learn, experience, making improvement in lives and be the reason for someone to smile.

Evidence-Based Practice, Framework, and Policy

Our Research Areas 

Neuroscience and Psychology


Health, Exercise, Positive Emotion, Resilience, Nutrients, Four Quotients, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Sleep, Natural Therapy, Diet, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Regenerative Therapy, Essential Oil Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Herbs, Horticultural Therapy,Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social-Cultural Psychology, Psychodynamics Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Neurodiversity, Cyber Psychology, Digital Wellbeing   

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Using scientific tools, skills and knowledge to improve health and wellbeing of your employee and loved ones.

Advisory & Consulting

We provide evidence based advisory and consulting for both commercial and personal to improve positive mental, physical and emotion wellbeing.


For commercial - Talent Acquisition, Employee Wellbeing, Employee Retention, Sensory Friendly Workspace


For personal – Personal Wellbeing, Euphoric Home Environment


Our experts are equipped with scientific tools and experiential knowledge to help you unlock your potential to achieve desired results

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In collaboration with SPARQtools

by Stanford University



Stanford SPARQ, a nonprofit “do tank” that creates and shares social psychological insights with people working to improve society. The toolkit, part of SPARQtools, presents science-based activities that help people use stress to enhance their work and health. 


SPARQtools are digital toolkits that translate research into user-friendly formats that practitioners and educators can use to sparq psychological, behavioral, and societal change. Each toolkit shares evidence-based materials and resources that can be put right to use to tackle issues from empowering students to engage across difference, encouraging people to eat healthy, or helping researchers measure important indicators of economic mobility. Explore individual toolkits to address specific problems, or dive into a collection to take on bigger issues

Check out the Self Discovery Program developed by Dr Christina LB using scientific research, methodology and techniques contributed by various famous psychologists thru the Department of Psychology of Standford University.

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Love Yourself

Positive Emotion

Positive Psychology helps people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives.”

Outdoor Fitness

Exercise with Science

Numerous health specialists revealed that patients of stress and anxiety do not need drugs for curing purposes. They can easily overcome such problems by bringing into play any of the best suitable meditation technique.

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Online Assessment & Screening Tools

Free PDF and interactive online assessment tools for addiction, mental illness, boundaries/attachment styles, relationships/communication, anger, self-esteem, suicide risk/self-injury, personality, and more

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Cyberspace Mental Wellbeing Boot Camp
Promoting a holistic approach to improve wellbeing
Using Science and Technology for Humanity

The Fourth Industrial brings a world of opportunities for all of us to adopt technologies not only to survive but to thrive. Where almost the entire world is connected through the internet, this has fundamentally transformed the way we live, work, and communicate. Thus, it is changing the behaviour patterns of humans.

The aim of this curated bootcamp is to help your mental wellness activity, improve your overall mental wellbeing in this cyber connected world. Understand the fitness of your brain, mind, and body and how you can harness science and technology for a better self to eliminate the health stigma.

For more information on the boot camp, please email us for details

Regenerative Sustainability Wellbeing Model

Regenerative sustainability for wellbeing is based on a holistic approach and paradigm, harnessing and integrating recent research findings from science and practice, embracing inner and outer dimensions of sustainability necessary for systemic wellbeing transformation.

RSW (Regenerative Sustainability for Wellbeing), modelled through regenerative development and design, aligns science, human beings consciousness and actions with living systems principles through a transformational co-creative processes.


The aims are for regenerative sustainability wellbeing focus on holistic approaches based on how thriving living systems function, address the root causes of (un)sustainability, and is inherently more inspiring and motivational. Advancing regenerative sustainability wellness will require fundamental shift supported by more awareness and education, theoretical and practical development, leadership, empowering communities, and integrating spirituality.

“All life depends upon the soil…there can be no life without soil, and no soil without life; they have evolved together” – USDA Yearbook of Agriculture, 1938

Research, Articles & Resources

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Child Exploitation:  Role of Mental Health Professionals for its Prevention


The exploitation of children is currently a devastating social problem globally. It is estimated that one in three girls and one in six boys are sexually assaulted and it is difficult to determine the exact number because many cases are not reported to the authorities. Child exploitation is primarily the use of children for the benefit of another person, often resulting in child abuse. 

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Resilience for Mental Positive

Resilience is perceived as a dynamic equilibrium state within which psychological, physical, spiritual elements and protective factors have reached a balance. The resilience process is attained by having a biopsychospiritual homeostasis

Skin Care

Knowing Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body in terms of surface area. It is part of the immune system, acting as the first line of defense against infection. Our skin is also an organ of elimination, ridding the body of one-fourth of its toxic waste.


Corporate & Neuro Massage therapy in the workplace and its benefits

Neuro Massage can be used to support a wide range of conditions, from mood and anxiety­ related disorders, muscle tension, chronic pain, autism, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, and trauma. 

Interview & Paper Publications


The New Kid On Block: Business-Cyber Psychologist is what you need next for your business

Why are blue-chip firms and billionaires quietly hiring experience business-cyber psychologist to improve their business wealth and health? 


Thrive Using Science

DR Christina and Marek chatted with Leading Market Leaders & Entrepreneurs series on how they help to navigate business and drive changes using science, and explain why cybersecurity transformation is so critical for the modern world society


The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Cyberspace's Mental Health Stigma


Mind, Body & Soul
Engage, Adapt And Thrive

Life Story

Woman on Window Sill

True Life Story - The struggle of escaping through reality and Turning back to life - by Bakhtawar P

Do you know by cultivating positive emotion can lead to positive well-being?


Practicing positive emotion are highly valued and it can lead to long-term benefits such as social, physical, health, emotional and intellectual.

Positive emotions build our #resilience (the emotional resources needed for coping). Positive emotions increase our awareness, attention, and memory

Daily practice of positive emotions reduces stress, reduces aggression, boosts general wellbeing, and allowing you to cope effectively.

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